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Look! Itís a chip dip, itís a condiment, itís a dressing!

The Guacamole Guyís gonna "guac" your world!

The Guacamole Guy guacamole is made with all natural Florida avocados and all fresh ingredients Ė absolutely nothing in this guac is from a can!

You haven't tasted guacamole like this! Creamy and smooth, it comes in both mild and hot and is the perfect complement to not only your favorite chip, but to just about any meat dish, rice, sandwich, baked potato – you name it! Tell us how you eat your guac.

This stuff is mouth-watering, in fact, most of our customers don't even put the pint back in the fridge – they finish it in one sitting! (Uhh, we've so been there...)

Not a fan of guacamole? We are in the business of converting guacamole dislikers and have changed many minds! Check out the guacamole conversions on Youtube!

It's delicious.

It's healthy.

It's awesome.

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